Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kids Craft; 4th of July Freezer Paper Stencil T-Shirts

We made these shirts the first day of Summer, Last Tuesday. Isn't that weird for all you zonies getting out for summer June 16th?

I love freezer paper stencil shirts I have used freezer paper a few times and and pleased every time.
This craft was a little more difficult bc we used real paint that sticks to clothing. So the kids painted in their undies.

The night before I cut a bunch of stars out of freezer paper to make stencils and cut-outs. Before they painted I let the kids decide where they wanted the stars. I ironed the stencil in place and told the kids where to keep the paint to get the best star.

They had fun and I remained calm the whole time. After they dried Katie and Susan added sparkle. I love the way Jr's turned out! The all look so good! I think a t-shirt craft will have to be a new first day of summer tradition!

While the shirts dried we left the house(so the kids wouldn't touch them and ruin all the work) we went to the car wash, the library to get books and start the summer reading program, McDonald's to play, and back to the Library for a magic show. Very busy day! THEN we came home and kinda celebrated Daddy's Birthday. (Daddy didn't want a celebration bc he is busy studying for the California Law Bar, it is a beast!) The kids had a great first day of summer!
here is a silly video of the painting project: