Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coconut and Chocolate Haystacks Make Yummy Spring Nests!

These nest are so yummy! all it is is:

toasted coconut (instructions are on the bag)

melted milk chocolate chips (instructions are on the bag)
Mixed together then spooned onto wax paper add eggs and let cool

This year I added a spoonful of peanut butter, so yummy! I think I will try some caramel drizzled over. Also I don't always toast the coconut, it is good either way.

I like the Spree Jelly Bean candy best. The eggs are the right size and the colors are vibrant. I am so excited to share these with my Dad! Last year we were in San Diego when I made them so he didnt get any he and my mom love coconut, ooh I am so excited to make them again.

I got the idea from Family Fun Magazine like 8 years ago!

Sock Bunnies

I made these sock bunnies last year and never posted them. Now Ive gotta hurry and do it before Easter is over! This year I made bunnies with more with colorful socks.
They are both pretty cute!

Here are the instructions that I like best, I tried 3 different online instructions.
Some things I changed was putting a little rice in the hands, feet and tail to hold them down,
Don't stuff them too full and I like the look of the big tail better then the little ones.
The tail is not in the instructions I just hand sewed a little tight beanbag like ball made with leftover sock fabric and rice into a tight ball and put it in the heal curve of the sock. Then I gathered the fabric around the tail and sewed it together. I added the tail after I stuffed the arms and before I stuff the body and legs. Get it?
They are super easy and a big hit!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

dollar store craft: Easter Egg Wreath

I spent $4.00 at Dollar Tree on eggs, wreath, and moss then the girls and I made another wreath for cheep cheep cheep!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

St Patricks Day Shamrock Wreath and Rainbow

Katie needed to do a craft. We made the rainbow with chenele wire and the shamrocks are from last year after they went on sale. I got them all for .50 cents! Katie placed all the shamrocks where she wanted them then I glued and hung the rainbow.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yep I made that. No big deal. Didn't cost me anything.
Really, this was made with a lot of charity and talent from my MIL she just thought up how to build it, all with materials she had then showed me and my 2 sisters how to make them. It was lots of fun and these chairs will last FOREVER.
Here are my sisters rocken chairs
Can't craft all day with our some help from the kids! Susan Drilling and Gordio sleeping in his 'bouncer' sucking his thumb

And some messages make it even more special and personal!