Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can't Blog Now I am Busy Crafting!

Seriously I craft way too much, I dream in zippers and fabric My finger tips are melted off from hot glue! Well just kidding about the dreaming but serious about the hot glue. I spend every minute that I am not doing dishes, laundry, making dinner, helping with homework, etc...crafting. I am getting ready for Jenny's (my sissy) Second Boutique in the Barn.
I am so excited! this time there is gift bags for the first 50 people! AND an awesome giveaway on her blog! She has a bunch of vendors all selling different quality unique goodies!

I have been making beautiful zipper flowers

Clothes pin dollies

crochet flower broaches

doll cradles and a few extra items

I don't know if anybody even reads this blog so if you do I want to know! Come and see me and tell me you read and I will give you a free item! Also enter the give away and show up Early for a free gift bag! May 1st 8:30am see the blog for an address!