Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dotty Rick Rack Dresses, Fancy Christmas Jammies, Sock Bunnies, 3 Flannel baby blankets, and more.

There are a lot of crafts that I finished and wanted to blog about from Christmas and Easter. I don't think I will play catch up very well so I will show some pictures of the projects that got them taken then keep my crafting pace then blog the new projects better. There are a lot of new projects ahead, it seems I always have a few ideas of what I want to craft rolling around.
First quick catch up on the old things;
Christmas I sewed 2 dotty rickrack dresses Mardell gave me the fabric and Katie's pattern. Mardell also surprised me with a bow tie for Jr, a tie for Sr and a matching skirt for me Saturday night just in time for Church. We were a very machy family!

I sewed 3 fancy Christmas jammies, The older kids jammies were more difficult projects with button up, collared, long sleeve shirts, with a pocket. I love the way they turned out!

For a little nativity skit I sewed simple Mary, Joseph and Sheppard costumes. Also photoed are the angles, which I did not sew but still super cute girls!

As a Christmas gift to my girls I made super cute lollipop dollies or close pin dolls, that look similar to these. I really hope to get photo of mine some day. I also made a travel size chalk board and chalk bag (no photo) and Sr made Jr a handy man tool kit.

Easter I made a few sock bunnies and a couple Easter egg bean bags. (no photo)

Now I am on to baby things
I have sewed 3 flannel blankets I will blog about today:
The first one the kids helped sew the edge, they sewed straight and zig-zag lines on the boarder. I couldn't get the fold on the corners just right so Mardell had the great idea of covering it up with an applique palm tree. The kids are very proud of there sewing and it makes a cozy blanket for our new baby boy.

Second is a simple flannel blanket with some stripes on the back, and a zig-zag edge.

Third was an experimental project. I had seen a rag quilt type process done on another quilt but could not find anything about it online, so I experimented. I used 2 different cuts of flannel, one fishy ocean seen on the front and second is blues for the back. Then I used a third cut of bubbly water looking fabric that would be the middle. I then sewed wavy lines to quilt together all 3 fabrics. next I cut between the wavy lines only one the back blue flannel exposing the bubbly water under the blue fabric. After I washed the blanket it has that rag quilt feel and ocean waves look (get it?)

That is not easy to explain hopefully the photos will tell it better. I kept thinking I should take photos as I go but, I did not want to stop sewing.

The ocean blanket turned out just as I hoped it would. Hoary!

Here is me keeping it real Katie, was holding the broken clothes line, for the perfect place to hang a quit for a photo.

While I was in the back yard I notice the banana tree we planted over a year ago is growing some bananas! Hoary! Brian will be so excited when he comes home, both Brains'.

And here is why I can hardly ever blog. This is to my right, and this to to my left, and Susan is currently decorating my lower back with a washable grey marker, as Katie wipes it off with a rag. Anything to keep that girl busy for a few minutes.


Jenny Lynn said...

Way to keep it real!

I loved it all, I have been wanting to sew lately but can't find the time or energy, you inspire me!

Virginia Janet said...
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Hayek said...

Nice red and white family photo.
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