Saturday, September 6, 2008

Warning bragging on my aprons! Waring getting spiritual while sewing!

I am getting very exited about these aprons! Jenny and Shawn came to San Diego for a few days. In between the beach, going out to dinner, babysitters, and the Zoo, we crafted. Our husbands were so nice to watch the kids and go to bed without us while we sewed late into the night. It was so fun to sew with Jenny, get ideas from her, she is so creative, and teach her some sewing tricks.

I made a bunch of bias tape all at once, a whole lot! Then my plan was to to all of the aprons with black bias tape then move on to the next batch of bias tape color and coordinating aprons.

I know my progress is going so well because, the aprons got better as I went. After I made the first one I was really happy with my work and accomplishments. I can tell I am developing as a seamstress. It came together quicker the the first one I made (back in December) and looked very nice. Then I did the matching little girls apron, and love it even more, with a sweet little bow.

Next I moved onto a new fabric, it was kind of a plain fabric just back and white. After encouragement (thanks jenny, Shawn, and Brian) I added color, with ruffles, ribbon, and a flower, then I was in love! I thought this apron was my favorite!
(Its got lots of bling) . Then I made the matching daughters, and love it more, man I am good! I am so talented, I make beautiful things. I have a fabulous sister..brag..brag..brag..

I really do love the aprons and hope others do to, as I plan to sell them. I think some people might want less bling on an apron so I will make more of both styles. What do you think? More bling, ribbons, bows, ruffles, flowers, or less, keep it simple.
*Warning now I am going to get church-ie* I really think I was doing so well, and having lots of success when sewing because I made it a priority to read my Scriptures and Pray every day.
My mom said one time she thought she was able to "figure out the computer" ( email, word programs, photo and video editing etc..) Because she was reading her scriptures. I will admit I thought she was a little silly to relate the two, but now I see she might be right. I sew better when I read the scriptures and pray daily, what a blessing!

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Jeni said...

My opinion, since you asked, is that there isn't too much bling at all on those aprons :) Those are super cute and I bet they all sell! I LOVE the funky fabrics!

I have added vintage rhinestone looking buttons (the ones that are sewn on from the bottom) as an accent in the middle of a bow or in each of the top corners of the pocket as accent, to share an idea with you.

Is that cute pink flower made by your hands? GLAMOROUS!