Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not sure I'm a specialist but I'll try.

I have been asked to be the Sewing Specialist for my Church (ward)! At our church there is an organization of women called the Relief Society, the RS women meet each Sunday during the 3rd hour and talk spiritual things, Christ Love, becoming better women, serving others, prayer, scripture study etc... Then during the week we gather for various activities, called Home Family and Personal Enrichment or Enrichment, every ward has different enrichment activities. Our ward has playgroup, luncheon group, a natural health group, book group, "A Heart Like His" group, a craft group, and now a sewing group.
I am very exited to lead this new group/ class! I am on my own journey to learn sewing so I am ready to learn as I teach. I love to organise gatherings so I have already started to organise the class and get talented women to come tech us. Mary used to teach the 7th gr6ade homeeconomics and sewing. Mardell is a TA at Mesa college for the sewing classes, she has also been my personal sewing coach. Jeni, and Jennifer have showed me that sewing is trendy and you can be very cool while sewing, and lastly the world wide web of craft bloggers has opened so many doors to sewing possibilities. I hope to share these things with my class.

Here is the flyer I handed out today. I am actually going to set it up like 7th grade sewing class. Mary gave me her worksheets and crossword puzzles, diagrams and projects. We will mix that with some great Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas projects. Can you tell I am exited?! Now open invitation to the world come to our class!
I almost posted all that personal information! If you really want to come and don't already know the info. leave a comment.


Jeni said...

How great is that!!?? I am quite happy for makes your chest puff just a smidge when you get recognition for something you do well, doesn't it? You are a very humble woman who's talent far exceeds her mention of it. You are a role model, indeed! :) ~Jeni

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

your flyer is SO cute!! i wish i lived in cali so i could come... :(

Cyndi said...

I am so excited that you would agree to do this for our sisters. This is a great great skill to know and continue to learn. Often I have said, "I can make that or I can fix that." It's not just about being efficient and I'm glad it's not but it has certainly helped me when I needed it and I know that if the sisters will give it a shot, they will love it too. I love the thought you gave about creating. I never thought about it in that text before but I have thought about it many times since Tuesday! Thanks Chantal for jumping into this with your whole heart. It makes me tear up just a lot to know that there are sisters in our ward willing to give more than 100% and who go farther than the extra mile to fulfill their callings. (even though this isn't technically a calling! - whatever!!!) You are such a wonderful person for me to look up to. Thanks again.