Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bragging a big mistake

I have a problem, when I think I have done well, or accomplished a goal. After I gloat, and brag, then I stop trying as hard. For example I lost some weight for a cruise then fit into a new smaller dress for the formal night. After the cruise I gained most of the weight back. and donate the dress to a thrift store.

I was on fire with the aprons a few weeks ago. I made a lot for the week! I still like them but I can not get it right again! It took we all week to make a chefs hat and a long time to figure out what to do with the next apron, the fabric has a huge print and large empty space. Anyway sorry for all that bragging. Maybe now I will be able to make a few more aprons, Wish me luck!

I mentioned my success and failure with my big sewing project in a talk I gave I in church today, check it out, if you wan to read a long curchie talk.

FYI in the LDS Sunday church service members of the congregation are asked to speak on an assigned topic for a given amount of time usually 5-15 min. Our talks were about the spiritual blessing of paying tithing, but I was able to fit sewing in!

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