Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sock Bunnies

I made these sock bunnies last year and never posted them. Now Ive gotta hurry and do it before Easter is over! This year I made bunnies with more with colorful socks.
They are both pretty cute!

Here are the instructions that I like best, I tried 3 different online instructions.
Some things I changed was putting a little rice in the hands, feet and tail to hold them down,
Don't stuff them too full and I like the look of the big tail better then the little ones.
The tail is not in the instructions I just hand sewed a little tight beanbag like ball made with leftover sock fabric and rice into a tight ball and put it in the heal curve of the sock. Then I gathered the fabric around the tail and sewed it together. I added the tail after I stuffed the arms and before I stuff the body and legs. Get it?
They are super easy and a big hit!

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